Fallout 4: An Abundance of Glitches

I give up. Until Bethesda gives us a major update that fixes all of these glitches, I’m done playing Fallout 4. I don’t want to be – I haven’t even finished the main story line. But these bugs can make gameplay downright maddening. The Fallout franchise is well known for it’s technical issues, but Fallout 4 really raises the bar. As I’ve made my way through the wasteland of post-apocalyptic Boston, I’ve run into glitches that keep me from fast traveling, completing quests, building settlements, and even repairing my power armor. I tired of working around these nuisances, which means Fallout 4 will be collecting dust on my shelf until Bethesda gets their shit together and addresses these major problems.

Just walk a liiiittle bit to your left, please.


The most egregious glitch in Fallout 4 is that certain side quests cannot be completed if you go too far down the main story line. Far more frustrating than getting stuck in scenery (a common problem in New Vegas), this technical issue means side quests must be fully completed before carrying on with the main story. That can be particularly annoying when a character needs time to prepare something and tells you to come back later. Right now, as I approach the end of the main story, I still have two “Miscellaneous” quests left that can’t be completed: “talk to Jack Cabot about the artifact” and “bring a HalluciGen canister to Fred Allen.” When I try talking to Jack he only says one-liners in return (Oh, hello!) and check out the weird separation between Jack and the quest marker (see photo above). And Fred Allen… well, he’s just nowhere to be found, apparently.

I think my 788 Gear should cover this turret…

Another annoying glitch pops up when you’re building your settlements. After connecting all of your settlements together to share resources, you’re ready to really trick out some of them. You start setting up defense turrets until suddenly… you can’t anymore. You have the resources, that’s not a problem. The game just won’t let you place that turret anywhere, no matter how you position it. The same happens for junk walls, prefabs, you name it. Now you’re stuck with half a wall and one lousy turret. That’ll keep the super mutants at bay!

Counting just isn’t your thing, is it Bethesda?

Similar to the building problem, I also experienced a glitch that wouldn’t allow me to repair my power armor. I was so annoyed that I actually turned the game off. I need my power armor, damnit! I was trying to repair it in one of the later settlements (Country Crossing?) and as I entered the crafting menu, the game informed me that I lacked the requirements to repair the item. Really now?  Because to me it looks like I have 6/6, 1/1, and 1/1.  I’m also maxed out on the perk chart, so that’s not the problem either. After restarting the game and going elsewhere (Sanctuary) it allowed me to repair the parts. Stupid.

And last but not least, a few days ago there was a glitch that told me I couldn’t fast travel while losing health. Problem was, I wasn’t losing health at all. No enemies nearby, no traps hurting me, no poison or radiation affecting me. I was just standing still in the middle of the wasteland. Again, restarting the game solved the issue, but I’d rather not have to restart a game just to fix a glitch.

More like Marcy Armstrong…

I’m sure other gamers have encountered plenty of other bugs that I’ve been lucky enough to avoid thus far. These problems span across all platforms, whether you’re playing on Xbox One, Playstation 4, or PC. I’m not sure anybody has made it through the game without experiencing a few glitches. In the end, after I’ve cooled off, all the bugs just make me sad. An otherwise excellent game has been knocked down a peg or two because of problems that never should’ve made it past quality control. And to make it worse, Bethesda never seems to care all that much. New Vegas was riddled with glitches and they never fixed those. Hopefully with Fallout 4 the developer will turn over a new leaf. But let’s not hold our breath on it.


One thought on “Fallout 4: An Abundance of Glitches

  1. A couple of the glitches you describe are legit, the misc. quest ones specifically. I have played through the main quest on the 360. The only side quest that has glitched for me is the Jack Cabot floating marker one. That one. Definitely can be maddening when you want to clear all of your quests out. The other bugs you mentioned may not be.

    In regards to the settlement building, Bethesda put in a settlement size factor only allowing you to grow individual settlements to a certain size. While Santuary Hills is a huge settlement the Red Rocket next door is super small and won’t allow you to keep building. There is a bar in the top right corner that will fill up in building mode. If it’s full, you won’t be able to place anything until you delete something.

    Lastly, you mentioned having difficulties with armor repair. I am not sure where you were trying to repair, but in my experience repairing in the random spots in the wasteland is useless. When repairing you have to have items stored or linked to that location in your inventory. Only settlements that are linked (using provisioners) make use of your complete inventory. If you try to repair, it has to have something to take in raw goods to make the repair. That could explain why you were able to repair at Santuary Hills and not wherever you were, assuming of course your inventory is being kept at Santuary Hills.

    Don’t get too frustrated. Those are all minor things in comparison to how large Fallout 4 is.
    All major games have small glitches here and there. I wouldn’t hold out for a patch.

    Hope this helps!


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