What the Golden Globes Got Wrong

Last night’s 73rd Golden Globe Awards featured plenty of surprises, but unfortunately they were in all the wrong places. Meanwhile, categories or elements that could use freshening stayed the same. Here’s a breakdown of where this year’s ceremony missed the mark.



1. The Host

The picture pretty much sums it up. Why was Ricky Gervais invited back for a fourth time to host? Ricky himself couldn’t even fathom it, which was evidenced by his running joke of not giving a shit about the entire ceremony. He’s a funny comedian and a decent host, but the producers of the show couldn’t find anybody else to host this year? Bring in some fresh blood already! People are bound to be clamoring for Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer to co-host next year’s Globes after their hilarious presentation together. The producers should definitely take note.


2. Painful Presentations and Acceptance Speeches

Boy where there a lot of duds this year when it came to presentations and speeches. The most egregious by far was Jonah Hill’s impersonation of the bear from The Revenant. This was one of those jokes that fails to be funny from the start, and then drags on until you’re considering puncturing your eardrums with golf pencils in order to never hear another moment of it. This was one of the most cringe-worthy moments of a show that was rife with them.


3. Surprises! … In all the Wrong Places

If there’s one undeniable fact about this year’s Globes, it’s that there were lots of surprise wins. A quick look at Gold Derby will show you just how wrong all the experts were. Big upsets can be very exciting, but when they’re given to the wrong people it can leave a sour after taste. Last night, there were a lot of trophies that left people scratching their heads. Sam Smith’s Spectre theme (arguably one of the worst of the decade) beat “See You Again” from Furious 7? Mozart in the Jungle beat Transparent and worthy newcomer Casual? And did Alejandro Inarritu really deserve another globe over George Miller, whose Mad Max: Fury Road was ten times more original, gutsy, and entertaining than The Revenant? These three missteps are just the tip of the iceberg that involves Fargo, Spotlight, and Alicia Vikander (sorry Kate).


4. A Pretentious Film Over a Quality Film

Simply put, Spotlight deserved the Golden Globe for best drama. Aside from exceptional storytelling, the film shed light on a very important issue that the world should not soon forget. But rather than reward Spotlight, the Hollywood Foreign Press decided to favor the utterly pretentious The Revenant. Everything about the film just begs to be an award contender, and last night it was granted that wish. It’s always a shame when an award goes to that type of movie. Does storytelling and social relevance not matter as much as how artsy a film is? Are the members of the HFPA just desperate to maintain the idea that a Golden Globe really matters? Whatever the case may be, I look forward to the day when films like Spotlight win the gold and expose pretentious movies for what they are.

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